Cutting edge software development

We look for innovative and efficient software solutions for business needs to drive your business forward. Our development process follows industry standards for maintainability, scalability, and compatibility.

Your business website often provides the first impression your customers receive. Therefore it should be structured to provide an intuitive and pleasing experience to the customer while promoting the services and products available.
We have experience developing on the following platforms:
  • Joomla (such as this site):
    • Very inexpensive to develop and host, great for small businesses
    • Language: PHP
  • DNN:
    • Great for portals and Microsoft businesses
    • Language: C# and
  • Sitecore:
    • Great for hosting multiple sites and controlled development
    • Also great for social media intergration
    • Language: C#
  • ODOO
    • This ERP has an web hosting module allowing for seamless integration between manufacturing, inventory, accounting, and the online storefront available to the customer
    • Language: Python

We have experience with multiple languages so please Contact Us to assess business solutions.