Cutting edge software development

We look for innovative and efficient software solutions for business needs to drive your business forward. Our development process follows industry standards for maintainability, scalability, and compatibility.

Regardless of industry most business have the need to either submit data or receive data. This data often must be in a very specific format for the system to utilize. We develop scripts to convert data from one format to another; such as:

  • Loading electronic bank statements into your ERP
  • Loading inventory files from inventory system to storefront
  • Generating reporting files for government or regulatory bodies
  • Loading order files from client
    • bulk accounts to process, orders from storefront, orders from marketplace, etc...
  • Transferring data between systems
    • products to storefront, prospects to CRM, storefront to accounting / ERP, etc...
  • Importing data into an Operational Data Store for reporting

For realtime updates you'll need to access or create anĀ application programming interface (API), these a often needed for payment and transaction interactions. For instance sending the balance or payment terms to a payment system to process the payment, which will then return an authorization number or an error.